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Sustainable, customisable outdoor seating for public open spaces

The Art Seat. Sustainable, customisable outdoor seating for public open spaces.

The Art Seat is an innovative new form of outdoor seating, suitable for public spaces such as parks and play areas, as well as private outdoor areas within schools, colleges & al fresco dining areas.

This outdoor furniture can be either bright and colourful suitable for play areas, or painted in natural earth tones for blending into green environments.  In fact the Art Seat can be whatever you want it to be, as it is infinitely customisable by using applied graphics.

The Art Seat is popular with public realm artists but also comes in a wide range of predesigned graphics, flat colours or bespoke designs which can be specified by landscape architects, architects, engineers or other designers.

Easy to install and low on maintenance, the Art Seat's robust composition means that it can endure the most demanding environments. Made from 90% recycled materials, it is environmentally friendly too!

Suitable for outdoor areas
Easily blends into the environment
Wide choice of colours and graphics
 - Suitable foe outdoor areasArtseat - Easily blends into the environmentArtseat - Wide choice of colours and graphicsArtseat - Simple installation and low maintenance
Simple installation and low maintenance
Anatomy of an Art Seat

1) A recycled metal inner sleeve forms the core of the Art Seat.

2) Next an outer Polyurethane is placed over the top of the inner sleeve. This outer sleeve is made from environmentally friendly recycles oil seed rape or chip fat.

3) Custom vinyl of any design can be applied to the sides and top of the Art Seat, making a great opportunity for advertising or allowing it to blend perfectly within its environment.

4) Once in situ the seat is simply turned over and filled 75% with sand or dry aggregate. Once flipped back over the inner contents settle and the seat can be rolled away.

Art Seat Type
Retail Price
Notes on Cost
Basic Seat
Single Colour
Basic Seat with standard graphics
Graphics chosen from brochure
Seat with  bespoke graphics
(1 seat of new design)
Includes a design fee of £130
Further seats with repeated graphics
Art Seat Type

Delivery to UK mainland only, excluding some postcodes. Delivery is £50 per pallet of six Art Seats.

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